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Friday, February 23, 2007
am in school now. initially, planned not to go to school coz i sprained my ankle last night during training. sheesh. just cause i haven't take the GM test, i had to rush down to school to do it. was supposedly to reach school by 10am. i woke up at around 9.30. i rushed to school by taking a cab. cost me a whooping $17.80. waste money man.

after the test, i sat with mizah, mat and aisah. we talked CRAP. seriously crap. ran into Firman. talk so loud! haiyo. then i went to sc room to check out who's inside and i ran into darling yong. miss him soo much. gave him a hug and checked out how he was feeling after what happened recently. he said he was "ok", but i know, deep inside, he's wrecked. sigh. miss his smile. ):

then went to cafe 2 to grab lunch. ran into MICHAEL! but he didn't really notice me cause he was busy with lion dance. only his other team mates saw me. (: I MISS MICHAEL! ): haha.

am now in MLC(media learning centre) in school. my other 2 classmates are doing their report writing for comm skills. since its a group work, mine's not really done, but u guys must be wondering why am i blogging instead of fininshing my work. well, its because i've done most of it and as i type, one of them is typing it out now. (:

my sprained ankle is abit fine now after a night's rest. but sadly, i'm having a major headache. dammit. i feel like sleeping lar. but i lazy to go home. far ok?!

and btw, HIM is not referring to michael. (: it is still a mystery that lingers for u readers out there to solve. (:

it keeps me wondering. when will i ever see you again...?

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