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Friday, February 23, 2007
i'm bored. so another entry! (:

- i love Allah.
- i love my family.
- i love my friends.
- i love 1e8/2e8- 02/03.
- i love 3e10/4e10- 04/05.
- i love h.nitec in biochemical technology.
- i love JB0604A.
- i love mr nick, ms aw, ms ngoh, ms joyce, ms jessie and mr li.
- i love mr ho and mdm khatijah.
- i love CCA committee of ITECE-SC.
- i love saifullah but i hate him at the same time too.
- i love yong, no doubt.
- i love melvin, cause he makes me laugh all the time.
- i love michael, cause i love his dimples. (:
- i love lion dance cause i love michael.
- i love zu, for being patient with me even though he know i can't dance.
- i love sab, for helping me argue with mr f.
- i love guat chiu jie.
- i love kussma.
- i love HIM. *blushes*
- i actually love many more but i dunno what else.
and most importantly,
- i love MYSELF! (:

MISS )':
- i miss saifullah but i hate him at the same time too.
- i miss yong, smiling at me.
- i miss melvin, cause i haven't seen him in a week.
- i miss michael, cause i miss him.
- i miss guat chiu jie, ever since she graduated.
- i miss ke cheng, cause i miss his pinches.
- i miss eng pin, cause i miss his irritating-ness.
- i miss adawiyah.
- i miss fatin.
- i miss kent ridge, surprisingly.
- i miss my old home.
- i miss shahiran.
- i miss junaidi, cause he's busy serving NS and has no time for me cause he has affairs withe HER. (:
- i miss kussma, cause i rarely see her in school.
- i miss taufiq, cause he's busy serving NS.
- i miss shariff, even though i have no clue what happen to him. maybe he ditched our friendship. -.-"
- i miss HIM, most importantly, cause i miss his smile. *blush*
- i miss MY HOME!!! I WANT TO GO HOME!!

anymore, i guess i'll add. (:

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