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Sunday, February 11, 2007
i woke up like late in the afternoon today. i'm too tired. even when i was asleep , i received alot of sms and phone calls. can't people please give me some time to sleep? darn. asyiq and hidayah asked me out even though they know well enough that i'm too lazy. haha. in the end, they just left me to sleep at home. (:

the first thing i did when i woke up was to call Michael. settled a few clarifications with him. then talked crap. can't wait to see him tomorrow! coz it will mean CAMWHORING! haha.

got to know someone new today. he's my friend's friend. this guy's currently 19, serving ns and is a marksman. i get to know new people everyday! haha. (:

Ariffin may watch my performance on v'day. coolness! (:

gonna get a surprise from Yong tomorrow. wonder what it is. *thinks hard* he said it's a present. haha. a present for no reason. i like! :D

thats all for today! (:

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