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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
well.. last friday to sunday, i had youth avenue camp. woohoo~ made new friends like nazrul; ite amk, syazni,derek & kim; TP, sebastian; NYJC, sahrinah; IJC, calvin; MI, sharine; NJC, azima; ite tamp, su xin; not to sure which ite. facilitators were azri, li ling & lip tat. if i were to blog, it'd be very long. so let me induce pictures. not much but i promise to update more if i get more! (:

1st row from left: su xin, nazrul, sahrinah, me. 2nd row form left: calvin, azima, fairuz, kim.

yong, caught sleeping by the media kids. (:

azima, fairuz, azri, me, sahrinah.

fairuz, azri, me, calvin, sahrinah, sebastian, derek.

me, sahrinah, fairuz, azima.

me, sahrinah.


yesterday, i had grooming course in school (like finally). i slept in the train the whole journey. was really tired. at eunos, when i woke up, i saw saifullah, sleeping in one corner. haha. guess the both of us was super exhausted after 3 days of camp. the grooming course was really really essential and it'd be super helpful in the future! (: so fun. went home with suhaimi after that. we just know each other but it feels like as if we've known each other for quite some time. we talked alot in the train. sc, studies, family. haha. we separated ways after reaching clementi mrt station. he said to me anything just call him, and we both started laughing coz we don't know each other's number. =.=

i rotted at home today. haha. till later! (:

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