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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
yep. having my hols now. but i still have to go back to school because of meeting and what nots. ):

before i went to school, went for lunch with dzam, ijan and selamat at east point's banquet. after lunch, went to school. i'm so happy i went to school today. cause i ran into Michael! :D hehex. miss him so much. :P i was sitting on this "block"(i have no idea how to explain it). and somehow, yong and michael find space to squeeze and sit with me. haha. i really heart this people man. michael kept disturbing me all the way. but duh, obviously i don't mind. hehe. cause I MISS HIM SO MUCH! hehehehe.

after the meeting, went home with yong. at tampines central, we went to McDonald's and had a drink an kinda chit chat abit. he told me to enjoy the moment cause it may be my last meal with him. ): this is what happens when people are graduating in a week.

am at home now. bestie is over at city hall with his friend. sigh.

now am not knowing what to do. =.=

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