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Thursday, March 08, 2007
had so much fun today!

had to be in school by 5pm today for a meeting. but i was 1/2 hour late. =.= hahaha. not my fault lar. back in sc room, saifullah said "this is the first time i see ain so quiet in a meeting. usually, she'll make so much noise and doodle on the whiteboard." =.= so much to say, so much to say. =X

anyway, after meeting, went to bugis with adrian and yong. when we boarded the train at simei, there was a cock-up with the train system. adrian was imagining things like "the train must be running on 1000 hamsters, cycling and cycling." hahahahahahahahahahahah. it kept stopping in the middle of the tracks. haha. adrian and i was like, "must be the hamsters are changing shifts". haha. it happened again at another stop, and i said to adrian, "oh no, the hamsters are dead!" the train started moving and i said, "oh, the hamsters are still alive!" and adrian went "no, the hamsters are replaced by guinea pigs!" ROFL. yong was practically transparent to us. :P everybody in the train were looking at us like as if we were idiots. haha.

when we reached bugis, went to the arcade and checked out this new game adrian recommended. its called "outrun 2 SP". ITS A GAME YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY CHECK OUT! its so cool. no, its frigging cool. its a racing car thingie, whereby, you sit in an arcade-like car and the car practically moves like as if you're really driving it! i swear i have no idea on how to explain it, so you guys should check it out! then, adrian and yong were trying to win me this stitch (the lilo and stitch, stitch) but kinda fail. ):

after that we walked around bugis, went from shop to shop. adrian bought a jacket that was picked by me! (: found out today that adrian's gonna be my Youth Avenue camp instructor. he prepared some mentally challenged games. =.= adrian told me there's quite a number of cute guys and i went, "so?". he said, "thought u might be interested". =.=

before going home, we went to topshop and i checked out the tops. dammit. i picked out a few. damn nice. if only i had cash. ): adrian and yong walked me to the mrt station. so sweet of em. haha.

had so much fun today. adrian's so comic like; so expressive and full of energy! :P

need to mug tomorrow. =.= till later! (:

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