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Saturday, March 31, 2007
it was raining cats and dogs yesterday till about 2pm. shortly after that, my sis headed to orchard with her friends to catch a movie. WTH.

so, i was stuck at home, living life as it should be. i went on endless-CSI-marathon. yes, ENDLESS. hey, can't deny that i'm a freak to all this. but later on in the evening, went to geylang with mummy. i swear to you, it was so-super-dead(besides the busy traffic). and i saw syahrizal in the middle of the road! haha. but other than that, the shops that we patronize were practically empty. and shops like "First Lady" had tons of clothes leftover from hari raya and i wanted to check out the clothes they advertised but i saw none. =.= wasted trip to me. after nothing else to do, we went for dinner. i tried out the chicken cutlet at Haig Rd banquet. the service f***ing sucks. i swear. i'm sorry but i'm a freak to good service! i mean, i give good service to my customers and i expect good in return. well, goes like this. it started off quite well actually after i've ordered my food. when i return to collect it, i wanted to, of course, get chilli sauce. that's where it all started. there were 2 bottles of sauces; 1) tomato sauce which is like left only a few drops and 2) a bottle of sambal like chilli. i know for sure it wasn't chilli cause it had a layer of oil on the chili. wtf. so i asked the 2 people working there for chilli. i wasn't entertained the first time round. so i asked again. and the guy told me that its the one on the tray. in my head was like "eww.fuck.nabeh.cibai." that's so not chilli sauce! so no choice, just took it. eww. chilli oil. then when i was extracting it halfway, something got stuck in the nozzle. i reached out to the aunty and said its stuck and she practically gave me the fucked up face and tried to shoo me away and told the guy to entertain me instead. (biadap nye makcik. tumbok muke kau baru tau.) wtf sia. so freaking rude. but what to do? so whose at fault? me or them? thank god the other shop i patronize was nice. or i'd kill them too. (:

after dinner, met haadi there. was quite shock to see him. haa. asked him what he was doing there and he said he wanted to have dinner. err. ok. before we headed home, mummy bought 6 kentang-ball and 3 packets of putu piring. she said if you go to geylang and return home w/o this two food, it'll be a very wasted trip. and i went, wth?!

enough about yesterday.

am meeting fatin today! yay! after eons of not meeting her, i finally can meet her. YAHOO! am going window shopping. and get my library book returned as well. today's the due date and i borrowed it under my friend's a/c. haha. meeting her at around one. (:

and i don't even know whay the hell i'm blogging.

well, did this yesterday while taking a break from CSI. haha. kills my eyes. check it out yah? then do comment on it. (:

3eten#04 & 4eten#05. now, forever and always.

YA peeps! (:
i wanna feature this blog:
check this blog out alright? love the way jup takes photos! (:


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