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Monday, April 23, 2007
i sometimes feel that i'm being used by stupid A, cause he wants me to be his best friend, but, he'll only come to me when he's quarelling with his gf, H. eff. i'm not someone who's you can use as and when you like. all this while, i effing helped you and his is what i get in return. eff off you effing unbalanced-hormones-freak. don't go around and effingly throw your attitude at others.


well, nothing much happened today, only that had a meeting with CCA comm. it wasn't totally me during meeting. i felt so, dead. guess i'm tired.

nowadays, i don't have to miss Michael cause he's back doing higher nitec. (: yeah, i know, he misses me too. lol. that's the reason why i'm smiling this days. (: hee.

i may be appearing all smiles after seeing Michael, but what happens after that totally dampens my spirit for the whole day. why must happiness come to an end? sigh.

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