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effing bored.
Tuesday, April 03, 2007
stuck at home the whole day. killed me. haa.

i kinda forgot what i wanted to blog. hmm.
oh ya! got it.

well, am supposedly to have a meeting tomorrow. but its postponed to thursday due to unforseen circumstances. i was like, "HOLY CRAP. *toot, toot, toot....*" but thank god, his flight is postponed. *phew. so tomorrow, i have to be in sch at 3pm. and on thursday, i'll be in school from 10am- 5pm for meeting. =.= i hate meetings. haha.

if i could, i would kill all the various ********* in **************. except for my own, of course. (: there's just this reason behind it lar. hate it when people are not cooperative and gives me a "lecture" instead. effing.

frust. have to be in school. whoots! no more boredom!! woohoo~~~ but more stress!! yipee!!


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