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Friday, April 27, 2007
its 8.30 am and i'm blogging at the comfort of my own home. haha. school started at 8, but i woke up till shiqah called. byeh. she asked where i was and obviously i said home right? well. i FORGOT that in practicals, there's 7 of us(firdaus, jeanette, shiqah, nadya, sherman, hafizan and myself). and usually, those who turn up are only shiqah, jeanette and myself. and especially on friday, you know, its "self-declared-holiday". so shiqah called me up and said that she's gonna be alone with jeanette(ok, u might not wanna know why thats bad). and i went, "I'M SORRY". she's ok with it. i hope she's surviving though. (:

despite it all, i'll be in school by 11am. cause i'll be having a general meeting at 3pm. okay. why 11? cause i wanna get out of home, fast! haha. cause i wanna meet dearie michael. (: (if i get to meet, that is)

so what else should i blog about this morning aey? hmm.

i thank you for showering me with brotherly love. i appreciate it. (:

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