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Saturday, April 21, 2007
sometimes i wonder. what's love all about? does it mean a girl and a guy get together and have endless quarels? no, right? man. it irritates me to see it happens.
well, i went on a shopping spree yesterday with the house comm members! whoots~ well, they were looking for the various hangers for our blazers. we went to IKEA tampines, GIANT tampines, Beach Rd then Daiso. (yeap. so many places just to look for hangers) haha. something happened after we went to GIANT tampines. shall be undisclosed here.
for now, life sucks cause my thumbdrive ain't working and my chairman's killing me softly cause all my secretary work's ain't done yet. *sorry dude. malfunction lar.* Dad came up with so many theories why it happened and yet, it still doesn't make sense to me. (even though the theory's exactly like Jeff's) well, am hoping to get a new one soon. =.=
i'm very tired right now. no idea why. sigh.
checked out SP's website a while ago. just browsing to find out the courses and entry requirement. still am not to sure whether i can apply for marine engineering cause it stated that i must be a higher nitec/nitec graduate of the ENGINEERING courses. damn. do i still stand a chance? i mean, i'm taking science now and i want to pursue engineering. haha.
okay. i'm effing bored now.


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