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Thursday, April 26, 2007
today is a hell of a ride! in the morning, i had blood test. best man. poke and you get to see the nurse sucking in the blood. wooh. YES, i looked at it when she was withdrawing the blood. (:

pract was B-O-R-I-N-G. nyeh. fong was nagging and nagging. sheesh. swells.

after that, went to principal dialogue session. i was shaking the whole time man. no idea why. when i posted the question to the principal, i was shivering! yae. after the whole session, i went up to the principal personally, shook his hand and thank him for the comment. well, how many of you actually get to go up to your principal and shake his hand?? .... and today, i got to know that our school's utility bill is $300,000 per month. fcuk. alot sia!

after the dialogue session, a few selected chairmans and members of SC attended another dialogue session but this time, it was with alot of the top notch people. now, i ask you again, how many of you here are given the opportunity of seing the principal twice a day and at the same time, recognises that u are actually a student there? well, i sure AM lucky. (:

went home with chor hoong, saifullah and guat chiu jie today. we went crazy inside the train! haha. we talked about the different teachers in our school. talked about new water lar, the street lights lar, so whatever. then we camwhored. there were 4 of us, and obviously we can't possibly take ourselves right? so, there was this lady in front of us, observing us throughout the whole journey. so when we wanted to take the picture, we looked at her, laughed and look away. guess what? without hesitating, she looked at us and immediately turn away. WTH?! so we ended up taking the photos ourselves. haha. looked stupid.

so now am at home, not knowing what to do.

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