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Sunday, April 29, 2007
ok. met darling fatin today! first of all, we went to the police post and get my address on my IC changed. to fatin: even though he was abit slengeh in a way, not bad looking lar. haha.

we then headed off to vivo! heks. yeah. i'll be going down on tomorrow and tuesday too. man. it'll be like three consecutive days i'll be going to vivo. *faints.

we went round and round and round vivo. haha. we then grabbed doughnuts! haha. i bought chocolate delight and fatin bought cinnamon caramel. OOH LA LA~ mine was superb! i'm gonna get 1/2 dozen the next time i go there! heks.

we then continued on with our shopping spree. we went round and round and round again till we headed off to banquet. fatin got ban mian while i got kway teow. superb! we then headed home. haha.

ok. i'm lazy to write down the details.

when i got home, daddy bought me a SanDisk thumbdrive. and guess what? its freaking 1GB. WOOH. period.

i miss you. i can't wait to meet you.

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