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Sunday, April 29, 2007
first and foremost, congrats to IJC for making it far in MIQ. even though we didn't get the pleasure of seeing Hafriz's head clean-shaven, its ok, there's always a next time. (:

been having the runs since yesterday night. dammit. must be something i ate (at home). but no one seems to be having it except for me! :/

i ought to be hitting the books cause exams not very far and the topic's quite complicating. shit. too many facts that my brain can't take in.

my pen's running out of ink and i ought to get refills, but i'm just plain lazy to go to the bookshop and get some. haha.

tingkap pecah, kerusi patah,
hari-hari selalu bergaduh,
cikgu masuk mula marah,
itulah kelas tiga-sepuluh.
i miss you people badly lah!

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