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Saturday, April 07, 2007
hmm. so many things have been going on. where do i start?

well, the other day, after comm meeting, i went to WCP McDs. hangout with jun, mun and nunnie. ya. been a long time since we got together and sat for hours just talking and talking. the memories we had are priceless. (: but then, i kinda became a sore loser. i had to leave early. so many things were catching up with me! so many things, so little time..

yesterday, was a Good Friday, which meant public holiday, which also meant school's closed right? well, a few of us didn't actually realise that and they made their trip to school seemed meaningless. then headed to Bedok McDs. (: truth is, they waited for me for 3 hours. hehehehehehe. long story. you don't wanna know. (: we then headed to one of the void decks nearby. we managed to complete 3/4 of our banner within 2 hours! wohoo~

and now, its raining. (: and i'm bored. and yong-kor just saw michael. (: i miss michael!!!! ): tell me, what is there to do now? feel like asking asyiq out but he's always out with hidd and yes, even though the three of us are always together, i am THE OFFICIAL LAMPOST. =.= oh wells. just rot at home then. maybe i'll hang out with nunnie again tonight? only time will tell..

cheers. (:

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