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Thursday, May 10, 2007
had SW today after such a long time. made my body all achy. but i love it. coz we played Captain's Ball and i managed to score a few. (: will look foward to play more! but my SW teacher sucks. a few of us actually got "injured", but he totally ignored! dammit. (yae. unfortunately, i'm one of the few who got injured. swells.)

went home with shiq darling as always. but i went to sleep in the train and leave her on her own. i'm just too sleepy lar. sorry sweets. (: she told me while i was asleep, there was this minah tudung who keep looking at me and was kind of talking about me to her friend. hmm. i didn't catch a glimpse of who she was. talk about weird. :/

well. i need sleep!!

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