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Mother's Day = Dooms Day
Monday, May 14, 2007
yesterday was mothers' day right? but instead, mummy paid for all the bills. (: well, technically of course. cause most of the bills she used credit card and obviously the one that has to pay for it in the end is daddy, so it is also equivalent to daddy paying all the bills! :D

i bought a new pair of shoes and a VCD entitled "Mukhsin". (: i love the show. its great and it touched my heart deeply. its funny too! and before i forget, it's in a bit of malay, chinese, english and italian all jumbled up. (:

so u're asking, why is it equivalent to dooms day? cause its 11.30 on a MONDAY MORNING and i'm stuck at home, having dizzy spells, sore thoat with bad cough and i'm losing my voice silently. oh well. i'm done for.

despite being sick, i'm almost done with my flyer and banner designs, not forgetting my proposal too. to complete it all, i chiong all the way. mummy told me to go and rest but i ignored and continued my work. sigh. i hope they don't reject my designs. if it is rejected, fcuk.

have been in contact with cuzzie lately. truth is, he's also down with sore throat and fever and blames me for it. cause he said its funny how viruses can spread through sms. :/

missing school sucks. cause it's equivalent to missing a chance to see Michael, to get crazy with shiqah, nadya, fizan and sherman, miss quarelling with selamat, miss getting crazy with aisah and miss Medical Laboratory Practice. OH SWELLS.

daddy is against the whole idea of me going to India. he said its because later the place will be unhygenic then i'll get all sorts of sickness, blah blah blah. sigh.

PS: Toys "R" Us Vivo just called in saying i'm to come down for job interview. YIPEE! (:

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