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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
i hate the fact that i'm gonna get busy.
i hate kafir-makciks that are such a nuisance sometimes (well, most of the times)
i hate the fact that teachers can over-rule everything.
i hate it when my groups efforts go down to waste.
i hate the fact that i'm the leader of the group and our efforts go down the drain.
i hate anonymous people that are judgemental and spam people's tagboard out of boredom.
i hate spammers cause i envy their "not-so-busy-schedule-till-they-have-time-to-spam-other-people's-tagboard".
i hate missing CSI(s).
i hate coming home so late.
i hate flying cockroaches that suddenly flies into my home to seek refuge cause i'll always end up closing my windows, spray pesticide, close the doors, allow no ventilation and leave 15 minutes contact time.
i hate my room to smell of pesticide.
i hate my dead tagboard.
i hate not having time to update my blog.
i hate people who boasts about their results.
i hate people who gets a GPA of 4 and post it on their blogs. (so what?!)
i hate not having my own room.
i hate service aunties that are rude.
i hate people who don't provide good customer service.

yeah. u can say that i'm full of hatred. :/

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