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bad mood starters
Sunday, June 03, 2007
this post is a continuation from the previous posts.

Bad mood starter #1
i was 1/2 hour late in meeting Lokman. i'm very sorry. ):

Bad mood starter #2
its not really bad mood lar. just like, made me abit sad. lokman had to leave after around an hour+ of talking. he had to accompany his mum to do shopping. ):

Bad mood starter #3
as soon as i reached home, i went to bed w/o literally knowing what happened.

Bad mood starter #4
mummy disturb me while i'm sleeping.

Bad mood starter #5
i've fallen ill again. severe dizziness and high fever.

Bad mood starter #6
i may not be able to come to work tomorrow. no talking to BC for a week.

Bad mood starter #7
BC nagged at me when i told him that i may not be coming to work tomorrow.

Bad mood starter #8
i need an MC if i can't come work tomorrow. stupid rule.

Bad mood starter #9
i may not be able to produce MC as tomorrow is Sunday and not many clinics are open.

last but not least,

Bad mood starter #10
my uncle came with his gf to my house and i was expected to serve the guest when my head was spinning all around the world. omg.

damn i'm in no mood today. ):

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