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Sunday, June 24, 2007
hmm. what should i post today?

first up, there'll be no more daud for like AGES. he just left for Indonesia at 4.10 pm today. that also means there'll be no one to entertain my late night calls and sms-es, my cry-of-help when i'm in trouble and no one to say "hello sayang, how are you?" anymore whenever i call. ): daud, i'm gonna miss you badly. please come home soon... (oh, please don't be mistaken. he's one of my closest companion)

can't wait for class BBQ on Wednesday and Thursday. whoots~ bear's gonna drive me there, together with shiqah and jeanette. =D

i learned that sometimes, no matter how trustable that person may seem, he/she can be a devil in disguise after all. why do i crap about such things? apparently, some things are learned the hard way and thanks to someone, i really learned it the hard way. i just want to say, do not trust that person only after you've really known the person, despite how "trustable" the person may seem. but sometimes, things are just inevitable.

this coming August, it'll be official that i'll be single for 3 years. i wonder. how did i cope for such a long time? sometimes, i keep thinking that maybe, i'll be like alone for the rest of my life. i tend to go home in the whee hours of the morning cause there's nothing to look foward to. people keep saying it always happens when you least expect it to. then it hits me again. 3 years. how long more should i wait till i meet someone? i mean, i'm not desperate or anything, but sometimes, being alone is just a feeling that sometimes just sucks. alone=lonely. yes, friends are always there whenever i need them too. but i'm sure most will agree that the feeling shared with friends and the feelings shared with someone special is just two different feelings.

why am i so emo? damn.


to that someone who's been reading my blog in silent, thank you for acting blur despite knowing the truth eons ago. i really thank you for not discriminating me and making fun of me. thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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