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Thursday, June 21, 2007
okay. camp was like-no comment.

i mean it. the 1st day of camp was labelled as "military camp". seriously, on the first day, many broke down and there were many casualties. we were pushed too far-went overboard abit. we were physically and mentally challenged. damn. so much for "one for all, all for one" and "choices have consequences". and i reported to school late for the first day of camp all because some stupid-fucking-bastard-or-bitch stole my cheap shoe. serious shit. i had plenty more expensive shoe in my shoe cupboard yet that person chose to steal my cheap shoe. DAMN. so much happens in such a little time...

2nd day got a little boring. ahah. well, even though tom, halim fazli and i chose to back out from the team abit and let them lead the team on their own, we just couldn't help it when they looked so lost and din't know what to do. :/

third day, i got myself injured. i almost hit a tree trunk. yeah. long story. we were playing and aiyah, lets just say it was super slippery and muddy and thank god i didn't hit the tree trunk. ok. (:

when i came home, mummy told me she dreamt i passed away. i gave her a =.= look. ok. weird.

lalala. somebody ask me out please?

i'm missing my straight gay! ):

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