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Saturday, June 02, 2007
Irritation #1
i was asleep till 12pm today and boy i tell you, during the sleep, my home phone was ringing most of the time! bloody hell. it wasn't as if somebody passed away! it was just my cousin, wanting to talk to my brother. sheesh. T.T

Irritation #2
my nose has a bloody pimple stuck there. irritating sia. dammit. feel like poking it. i'm going out today and there's a pimple on my nose! f**k man.

well. its now almost 1pm and i haven't decided what to wear. will be meeting lokman later! wohoo~ gonna talk and talk and talk. (:

reached home at 1+am yesterday. sheesh. :/ yesterday, there was this someone who wore a Nike shirt which Michael owns too and it suddenly reminded me of him. sigh. yeah. i miss him lar.

school's been boring. cause i haven't seen bil-bil for eons. :/

that's just about as much as i can update. =.=

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