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Thursday, June 07, 2007
Siti Nurain in Japanese is..........*drumroll please*
Your Japanese Name Is...
Mine Masachika
and my inner gender is, no doubt,
You Inner Gender is Female
You're sensitive, caring, and willing to connect with anyone who's open to you.You make friends easily, and you enjoy all sorts of conversations.You understand most people you meet - better than they understand themselves. You're totally a woman... or at the very least, your soul is female.
and the colour i need is, my FAVOURITE COLOUR! :D
You Need Some Green in Your Life
Green will make you feel alive, renewed, and balanced.And with a little green, you will project an aura of peacefulness and harmony.If you want stability, you've got to get a little green in your life!
For extra punch: Combine green with blue or purple
The downside of green: It can promote jealousy in yourself or others
The consequences of more green in your life:
You will be drawn to a new life pathYou will feel free to pursue new ideas and interests, no matter how strangeYou will be released from the demands and concerns of others
ok. thats it for today! cheers. (:


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