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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
mummy did not cook today. went to eat outside instead. and am so damn bloated now! haha.

so many upcoming tests. dammit. make me stress seh. I DON'T LIKE! ): bila seh nak holiday? tak sabar menanti!

i'm rich! get pay already! heheh. (not so rich lar. ohkayla. can make it)

gonna get a new hp soon. decided already. gonna be nokia 7373. nyiaha. yeah. been in the market long already. but i like the phone lar. thing is, only the colour "powder pink" is available. PINK! omg. what was i thinking man. oh well. phone is love. mummy said "you'll get used to it". =.=

so many things happened today! but not all can be listed down though. (:

dear investiture, please come sooner.

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