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Monday, July 16, 2007
what happen to our friendship? the other day, we spend approximately 90+ minutes on the phone and just yesterday, all my sms-es weren't reply. are you that busy to even spare just 20 sec of your time to reply back my sms, saying u're busy and u're sorry u can't talk to me? if you didn't want me to bother u with sms-es, don't give me your mobile number in the very first place. ish. ):


i just send a petition to this teacher of mine. just because my IC states boyanese as my race, i can't go to the malay MP dialougue session coz they require Malay Muslim students and according to the biodata records, i'm not eligible. RIDICULOUS! selamat's IC's also Boyanese under race and yet he gets to go! WTFH. i've also been representing the school for a number of malay MP dialogue sessions and now because of some technical thingy, i can't go. god dammit. it just doesn't make sense. what's worse is that i'm the assistant event manager for the event. thanks a lot 'cher. STUPID FUCKER CIBAI TECHNICAL GLITCH. SHEESH.


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