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Monday, August 27, 2007
the other day i went out with Kyra. everyone was practically looking at us. haha! why? cause i was wearing headscarf and Kyra had bleached hair with a cross tattoo on her finger. haha. we visited colleagues at work and they went, "one good, one bad". haha.

i miss Kyra. ):

at night, talked on the phone with Asraf. initially, it was planned to be around an hour conversation. ended up, we talked for more than 3 hours. haha. i slept at around 5.30 and was supposedly to wake up 2 hours later for work but i woke up at 9 instead. i was so super late. haha. reached work at 10.27am. haha. at night, shazwan got shrink-wrapped. LOL.

skipped school today cause there's nothing much. didn't know there's test today. nobody told me and shasha that test has been brought foward! :/ damn.

oh. when Sasa was on the way to school, she got stuck at PIE. there was an accident and a major traffic jam occured. at 12.52, she was still stuck in the jam and test starts at 1. so she just told the uncle to go to the nearest train station instead. she went home. HAHA. waste money seh.


i'll miss so many people. ):

will miss my train mates; Khairin and Jasrizal.

now it's time to start missing work. ):

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