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Saturday, August 18, 2007
- i'm broke. ):
- i miss Daud TERRIBLY. ):
- i miss octoplets go lepak-ing together. ):
- i miss 3e10-04 & 4e10-05 BADLY. ):
- i miss TAN MAY TENG! ):
- i took time off from work till 8 October. ): (yes, its freaking two months!)
- i'll miss my red and blue house. ):
- i'll miss my exit partner, Asraf. ):
- i'm missing Kyra badly. ):
- next week's the last week Rizal and i will meet. ):
- no more Khairin's lameness. ):
- no more lame-ing with Bam-Bam. ):
- no more wrapping up presents. ):
- no more settlements. ):
- no more stoopid-bapak-budak Wandi. ):
- no more poking Glenn. ):
- no more walkie. ):

yeah. i'm missing work badly already. ): aku rasa, aku hidup mati toys'r'us luh.

on the other hand, no more Wandi is good. (:

and i'm going to India. Nasa's like wanting me to buy him cloth from India. buy yourself ohkay?

BEN&JERRY's cookie dough ice-cream rocks my socks! :D

i'm still pissed over what happened yesterday. dammit. it was never my fault anyway. fark yoo.

oh well.

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