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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
amazing how relationships can make someone change. for instance, my friendship with someone totally drifted apart when she got attached to our own classmate. i'm not the only one who's feeling this way. got to know others that are feeling the same way too. oh well.

finally, i've found people to go with me to the chalet. will be going on the 10th with asyiq, rizal, mustika and syakira. pray hard boss will not be there. (fat hope) haha.

can't wait for my pay! :D

i swear i will not apply for realwork anymore cause why is it so difficult to get $70 after 2 days of work? dammit. should had work at toys r us instead and could have gotten $70 at the end of the month. it's been almost 2 months and we still haven't got our pay. :/

Life's like changing every day for me. i see all kinds of things happening in life. amazing.

glad i could be of help to you wak. hope you're feeling better now. (:

was looking through my friendster comments and i chance upon this:

dzamirPosted 26/07/2006 08:23
oit! i'm old but not till That old ! paisey man...Anyways!another one of my angels...(say i only gt 3 in sch fyi) sort of the 'baby' in our bunch as she's the youngest but her maturity is wayyyy impressive. a friend in need is a friend indeed,she epitomises the quote entirely. not your typical 16 year old (hang in there babe,you'll be 18 in a jiff!) anyone will be proud to have her as a friend = )

aww. the greatest testimonial i had in the year 2006. (:

and and. featuring the first-ever testimonial(back then, friendster called it testimonial) and its a forced one by my cousin. hee.

iyliaPosted 11/05/2006 12:30
haha sorry laa.. yes technically i've known u all my life.. but i still blank out at da testimonial page.. same goes when i'm writin for everyone else. so it's not dat i kedekut k. anywae, let's get down to business. ain n me used to be quite close when we were young.. i still remember our family outings together.. not forgettin her mom sometimes askin me to help out wif her math though i suck at it.. haha.. but we dont get to talk much nowadays.. only get to see each other like twice a year? haiz dunno why la but i guess ppl get busier as dey grow older. (duh?) anywaes i wish u all da best wif ur future ahead.. hope u really like ur new school n make great new frens. we'll keep in touch yea? cheers

haa. reminiscing is awesome. (:

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