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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
hmm. this week is full of birthdays!

September 17th- Khairiah's 18th birthday!
September 18th- Khamus's (god knows what age) birthday!
September 21st- Selamat's 19th birthday!

so, from me to the three of you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

never ever text someone when they lack of sleep. they'll reply you things that are beyond what you expect them to reply. and never attempt to text someone when you are drunk, cause you'll text ridiculous things. (:

singapore is really really small. one of my colleagues, ramdan, who used to be from evergreen sec knows nadiah and shahril who used to be from the same school. does the name ramdan ring a bell, anyone?

mum has been nagging this pat few days. irritating seh. but partly it's my fault also lar. haha.

had a good chat with irwan yesterday. it's sad thinking he's going to resign soon. and yes, he's aware that i'm going to miss him. 1 man gone. sigh.

wandi's been nice to me this few days. hehe. been treating me coffee bean and chocolates! :D no wrong impression please, he's just my "older-brother-who-happens-to-be-married-and-have-two-kids". haha.but it's sad knowing that he's leaving me too. his last working day will be on the end of october. life will never be loud without him around...

ever since asraf's seeing her, he's not talking to me anymore. no more of our little moments of sharing personal stuffs. even though we see each other at work, we just don't talk. i miss his companionship. it's not that i'm against him seeing her and all, but it seems like he's making her as a boundary for us to not talk all because we happen to be colleagues and him not wanting her to have the wrong impression and all. well, maybe i'm just imagining things.

this post is such a no-brainer.

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