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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
just came back from chalet. am so tired! but the whole two days was totally awesome- how shasha talks when it comes to defending woman's rights, someone's abusive bf, shazwan when he's so drunk, what really happened between mustika and wandi, the scandals, the people starting to date and many more. erwan, fidzah, sherwin and johnathan got shrink-wrapped. hehe. wooh. let the pictures talk ok? :D

jan, sharon, ika, asraf, rafi, me.

us again!

glenn and me.

me, ika, jon.

ika, me.

ika, me, asraf.

irwan, me.

me, ika.

ika, sherwin, me.

jon, ika, glenn, sherwin, me.

erwan, ika, glenn, sherwin, me.

erwan, firdaus, rafi, shazwan, me, sherwin, glenn, ika.

well, there's tons more pictures, but i just don't have them at this moment in time. so, for now, enjoy these few! :D

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