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Thursday, September 13, 2007
work literally sucks today. well, part of it. early in the morning, i made a lil joke. Asraf took it seriously and he send me 2 messages blah-ing all the way. i went crazy. haha.

reached work late again today. no boss, everyone take advantage. haha.

work was FUN! wandi's now like officially my "brother". aha. during break, went shopping with him. wooh. well, i guess there are many things i've yet to discover about him. hmm.

i work morning shift today, but i officially knock off at 8.30pm. dammit. nobody even bought me dinner. ape seh. they forgot that i was still there waiting for someone to take over me. =.= the only thing that kept me going was Khairin's HALLS. (: if it wasn't for him, i'd starve. haha. (whatever)


will be having camp till Saturday tomorrow. all ready for India trip! whoots~ lala.


this is what happens when you work in a kids store.

khairin, yati, shazwan and me! (:


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