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Sunday, September 02, 2007
went shopping with sasa today at vivo. shopped till we drop! haha.

then later went over to sasa's place. baked hershey's cake! woots. met khai, murni and hidayah. they were going to MOS today. khai wanted me to come along but, i'm not yet 18! ): nvm khai, wait for me! fralala~

amazing how people can move on so quickly in their life. what i'm trying to say is that, not long after a break-up, the person has already found a new replacement. doesn't he feel remorseful at all? gosh. i just don't understand.

went to TRU today. asraf's the only who could recognise me from far. nyianyia. ASRAF ROCKS MY SOCKS! ooh. and met rizal with his gf too! gonna miss rizal lots. no more lame-ing partner. ):

i feel so lost as the days go by. i feel like there's nothing else for me to do. :/ but, i'm still searching for a movie partner though. (:

da la.

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