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KR go beraya-ing.
Sunday, October 28, 2007
hey hey! went for raya outing on 27th october 07 with the KR peeps! we had loadsa fun!! let the picture say it all! (:

@ fatin's. from L to R: aisyah, khai, ada, nisa, me and fatin.
me and nisa. hiding ourselves from the truth.

me and yat. heh.

sisters from different mothers. heh.

wanita melayu terakhir @ ada's.

@ ada's. from L to R: yat, aida, me, nisa, khai, fatin and ada.

@ mirah's. clockwise: fatin, mirah, me and nisa.

@ mirah's. from Lto R(1st row): aida, me, nisa, khai and ada. (2nd row): yat, mirah and fatin.

us again @ mirah's.

hiding. heh.

in the bus: me, nisa and ada.

ada and me.

us in the bus!

us again!

paparazzi on the loose!

us @ khai's.

@ mdm khatijah's.


with cikgu tersayang. (:

us again!


check out my next post. heh!


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