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Thursday, October 11, 2007
hello Singaporeans!
i'm back! (:

i swear, if i post a whole blog on what i did in India, it's seriously never ending.
if you guys wanna know more, approach me yah?
i'll be more than glad to tell you everything!
i'll do my best though to post ALL pictures taken in India. (:

i'm kinda missing Ooty(the place i went to, it's in Tamil Nadu, South India) though.
i miss the freaking cold weather!
felt like as if you lived in the refrigerator.
but somehow, though it's cold weather, i got darker by the day. :/
contradictory it may sound, it's cold there(like REALLY cold) but most of us are down with sunburn.
i miss the morning weather where you wake up with smoke coming out of your mouth. (:
miss the kids at Mizpah Home.
i miss my YEP team-mates.
miss my "brothers", especially my-already-expired-bf. LOL.


been busy preparing for Hari Raya which is like 1 day away from today.
went to Geylang yesterday and it's surprising ly EMPTY!
i love shopping at Geylang when it's empty. (:

end of story.

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