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4th student council investiture
Saturday, November 24, 2007
finally, the big day has arrived.. thank you 3rd batch of student council for all the teamwork, support and friendship that we have went through. there goes my secretarial days....

Muhd Nabil, 3rd president of ITE CE student council.

Muhd Saifullah, Chairman of CCA & Enrichment committee.

Muhd Halim, Exco of CCA & Enrichment committee.

My invited guests; Hazwan, Adawiyah and Fatin.

Haikal aka Mr Sixty-cents.

Biochem Tech 3rd batch of councillors: Selamat; Treasurer of House Committee, Ain; Secretary of CCA & Enrichment Committee and Hazril; Exco of Project Committee.


i will post more pictures once i've consolidate them. (: so, after investiture, wan, fatin and i went over to town!

one of the girls(wan's friend) approached us and told us if we took a picture with them, we may stand to win something. haha. so, here's the picture. (:

after that we went to eat! wooh! finally, satisfy my craving for indonesian food. (: went to shop after that. i only bought two items, hp sock and hp strap. (:

see the letter "S" hp strap? it is in remembrance of my mr ASC. (: heh.


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