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Friday, November 23, 2007
well. a few more hours till SECRETERIAL LIFE IS OVER! (: but i know i can't hand down just like that. i still have alot of guidance to give. dammit.

INVESTITURE TOMORROW! wooh. gonna meet asc, ke cheng, lokman, taufiq, etc, etc. GIRLFRIENDS FATIN AND ADAWIYAH are invited. i can't wait to see them! wee~

tomorrow will be the last time i'll be in charge of ushering. ):

but why i don't feel like i'm gonna miss sc at all? hmm. HAHA.

oh and guess wad? all the four of us (me, S, D, A) featured the picture "charlie and his angels" in our respective friendster. aww. makes me really wanna cry.. i'm seriously gonna miss the three of you alot, especially dearest SHASHA........ ):

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