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Thursday, November 01, 2007
i did something real bad today. heh. can't blame me. it was a boring day and something had driven me to do it( which i have no idea what. heck) all i know was that i din't expect him to be someone of that sorts. ohkay, he's just behaving like what other guys do but it's just so surprising that it's from him! hmm. oh well.

going jalan raya with my ite classmates this saturday! wooh. can't wait. 2 MPVs! heks. gone are the days of public transport. (: but somewhat, my house will be the one starting the whole event. they're coming at 11am. omg. dammit. sheesh. just cause my house is furthest doesn't mean my house should be first! but rationally, my house SHOULD be first. heh.

2 more days and i'll be legal babe! :D


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