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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
thank god mummy stopped pestering me about dzam or till today, my ears will bleed. heh.

so now mummy's asking me, "are you and Mr ASC gonna be together? if not, don't waste your time liking him. like someone else who'll return the feeling back to you." she totally demoralised my spirit. here i am, after all the months, still liking him and this is what she tells me. ):

dearest Mr ASC, please watch the play with me. i know, it seems foolish to be crazy about you though knowing well it won't be returned. but i like the feeling of having you around. just thinking of you put a smile on my face. you're my sunshine! (: if i sound like i'm obsessed, i'm sorry. i'm really sorry. if you can't take it anymore and it's traumatising you, i'll withdraw. i'll do all i can to deplete the feelings i have for you...


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