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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
went for investiture rehearsal today. only less than 20 were present for the current batch. yeah. THAT little. heh. swear rehearsal's boring. heh.

went home with jie jie today! whee~ the only thing that we talk about on our way home is the species we like to call b-o-y-s. heh! jie also told me that if mr ASC doesn't make it clear cut we'd stay just friends and leave me hanging in the air not knowing what to do, leave him and find someone else who'd return my feelings. ): why are people driving me into a corner? my feelings are for only mr ASC but here i am being driven by jie jie and mummy to leave him.

*mr ASC, please make it clear cut if you just want us to stay friends. update me of our current status. it's better to be hurt then to ponder in space wondering what's gonna happen. sigh. i hate this issue. i just wanna sit in a corner and retain my feelings for him in silence....*

i miss BESTIE JUNAIDI. dearest darling, please come home from taiwan soon. ): i miss you lar.

finally, Daud has got a job! wooh. he's now over and done with rotting at home collecting dust and finally, using his brain to work! u go boy.

saw yazam today! been such a looooooooooooong time since i last saw him. i can never forget the moment he told one of our friends, " i'm always hurting her feelings but she's always nice towards me." he said that all because one day, at 6.30 am, he called me saying he needed money to go home. he finished all his money drinking and had no cash left. (he was still half drunk by the way). see, kindness goes a long way. (:

work, work, work! tired of it already. and shit, i miss ASRAF. ): thank you getting terminated. now there's no one else to answer "ok" to all my babblings. ): ): ): bodoh luh. BINGIT!



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