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Monday, November 26, 2007
it's funny how people can be friends within a day. and i know, today, i talked to people that i never talked to before..

well, i was inspired by someone to do this. this is going out to the people who have made an impact in my 1 & 3/4 years in ITE.

Muhd Dzamir Bin Bungsu

i could still remember the days back then. i have no clue how we became friends. he's like the easiest guy to talk to. there was one particular incident, i was completely upset about something la. he was there to console me throughout the whole night. he was there to provide me a listening ear, shoulder to cry on and words of advice. i like to hear him share his YEP stories; so adventurous. recently, i discovered something jaw-dropping about him. over the fact that his a guy and it's normal for guys to be having this kind of thing going on, but it's just unbelievable that it's coming from him. heh. oh, and we almost got into an accident before. we were in the car when the taxi in front of us suddenly jam break. thank god our car was a few metres behind, or we would have to pay the driver for the damage. =.=


Selamat Bin Ahmad and Noraisah Bte Saman

they are the two most HAPPENING AND CRAZIEST PEOPLE EVER! on the first day, selamat gave me a bad impression. consecutively, he changed my whole impression about him. aisah was the one who befriended me on the first day. i was shy ok! so she struck up a conversation. they are the two people that i can practically everything about my life. it's like as if we've known each other for years. we can simply talk about anything and everything in our life, be it from friends, to family to financial difficulties, whatever!


Nur Salasiah Bte Daud

i thought she was chinese until the moment she said, "hi, my name is salasiah. you can call me shasha". haha. i wasn't really close to her actually. we started clinging on to each other after spending 14 days in India together. she became more of like an elder sister to me. she's like the babe of everthing. guys, if you always think girls are shy, meak and demeanor and know nuts about the world, well, YOU ARE WRONG! she's into soccer, a school touch rugby and soccer player, can play almost all the sports that i can probably think of, has a car license with TP of only 2 points and will always be the "lady boss". don't mess around with her or you'll probably get it. i will miss her for the next four months. no one to entertain my nonsense anymore. ):


Mas Lidya Bte Idross

I SERIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA HOW WE BECAME FRIENDS! magic! she's the most nonsensical friend i've ever had in my whole entire school life. she makes a joke out of anything. she tickles my funny bones. haha. and behind this jovial personality lies a lead guittarist in the band "stronza". contradictory aey?


Muhd Saifullah Bin Kamaludin

initially i was upset over the fact that he was my chairman(due to some reasons). but working with him have been a great advantage to me. he thought me not to give up easily, how to create a barrier between serious work and friendly jokes. being his only secretary, it was hard work to juggle between sc and floorball. i eventually had to give up floorball for sc. every thursdays, i'll be attending meetings and all my minutes to rush too. he always gave me ample time to complete my minutes. it thought me how to organize my time. i could still remember the days of working out ignITE(s) with him. it seriously was a tensed moment during those past months. we cried and laughed together. he thought me how to be a good leader; he IS a good leader himself. i am going to miss all his crazy antics, pestering me for my minutes and working with him under pressure.


thank you for all the moments we've spent with each other. i truly appreciate each and every one of them. i wish you best of luck in your future endeavours. (:

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