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Monday, December 31, 2007
yesterday at work i received a long distance call from china. yeah. china. haha. after 30 mins, the china man finally realised that he'll be wasting my money if we talked longer. haha.

mr ASC has officially went missing i guess. sigh.

work's getting bored day by day. ):

i wanna go countdown today with tru peeps but i can't all cause i twisted my ankle. idiotic customers.

RCUSA still haven't gave me, khairaini and sherm's pay. when else?! broke lar.

bought my everlast pumps the other day. ((:

my tb seems to have a life of it's own. (:

i saw my ex-abg-tong-sampah the other day and now he looks so KURUS! omg. ns seems to be toturing him. ): oh. and his gf's sweet! XD

don't worry zu, your secret's safe with me.


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