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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
yeah. been long since i last updated. oh well. been busy(wait, frankly, SO NOT BUSY) with attachment(you know what, i should be naming it in-house project instead). FINALLY, starting our project. oh. and we started the whole thing on our own. no one were there to guide us. so much for having a RO under us. =.= so, after some crazy experimenting and incubation, there were some bacterial growth found on our agar plates. wooh. so people out there, please be reminded that our indoor environment is not 100% safe. (:

i met *gofigure* at the bus stop just now. she asked how we've been doing and who's in my project group. and the best-ever-most-demoralising-thing-you-get-early-in-the-morning is "wah. all are a bunch of slackers". thanks eh. cb. at least we're putting in effort in having our own initiative to start the whole experimenting rather than wait for something to happen. -.-

been working alot lately. i'm tired. very tired. ):

will be watching tattooist with *gofigure* yay! heh. yeah. he was randomly picked to go watch movie with me. so. yah. initially was suppose to watch tatooist with shasha, but she can't make it this sat. will prolly watch golden compass with her, or something else that may come out sooner or later. I STILL WANNA WATCH DECEMBER BOYS! sweet sweet daniel radcliffe. (:

text-ed ASC once or twice a few days back. but so far, no reply. prolly, he found the need to discard me. so. i have no comment. oh well.

khamus oh khamus. where are you? you still owe me my pizza. (:

what else is there to blog? hmm. oh!

dzam has left for china. WOOH! mr mehr-mehr, if you're reading this, don't forget my souvenir ok? haha. will see you in school soon enough. (:

my "complain booth" has officially shut down. coolios. thank you all for your past support. (: after the shut down, cpl *gofigure* stopped text-ing me already. wow. i'm guessing he's in a deppressed mode right now. hmm. no, i'm not trying to say that i'm some big fcuker that people always have the need to text but when he was always down, i was the number one victim to always save him. so, go figure.

end of my post this week. heh.

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