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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
mr ASC text-ed me early this morning. seem s like he acknowledges my presence. ok. (yeah. i know. i going crazy all inside me) ((:

bestie junnie rode his fren's bike and skidded the other day. i won't have a clue if he didn't tell me he got into an accident. he never tells me things these days. =.= yelah. disregard me lar kan.

i kinda miss osman sometimes. blame him for giving up our 4 years of friendship to someone he just knew for a few months. idiot. he's such an idiot. just because i told him to not get influenced doesn't mean he should give up our friendship. sigh. guys.

ever since the attachment together with shermy, i've been getting close to him. heh. never knew he'd be so crazy. :P

i'm now a senior super woman. i'm working on friday, saturday and sunday. on firday and saturday, i've to rush down from kaki bukit to vivo. life's so unfair. NO LIFE.

i miss MR ASC. ):


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