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Saturday, December 15, 2007
well. from this day henceforth, i declare that I MAJORLY MISS SHERWIN, JONATHAN, GLENN AND MARK! :( our nights at work are seriously silent nowadays. no more songs heard in the air. no more mark's "apa khabar", no more jon's "baik dok", no more sherwin's "really? *giggles*" and no more me-poking-glenn-and-glenn-poking-me-back-moments.

): ): ): )': )': )':

i'm really, really, really, missing them like crazy. don't go.. come back. )):

well, sherwin left last friday, glenn's leaving on monday and jon and mark's leaving on tuesday. ANG GUESS WAD? I WON'T BE ABLE TO MEET THEM FOR THE SUPER SUPER DUPER LAST TIME! *big sigh*

deep in me, i know, i feel like crying, i feel sad, i feel like laughing remembering all the moments we had and i know that others will agree with me that they too, want to turn back time...

i guess, we'll be able to cope with the loss. for me i'm sure it'll be fine as long as there's SHI LI AND ANISH! heh. we're the three crazy exits that will always stick together no matter what happens(at work). HEH!

i'll end this whole post with mark's text to me:

"Saya rindu awak.. take care.. Muah"

so are you readers feeling the LOVE already? XD

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