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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
it's been lingering in my mind lately. who do i turn to if i wanna pour my heart out? apart from having a boyfr, it doesn't matter i don't have one.

- khamus
well, yeah. he's always a text away whenever i feel down. but most of the time, he's always busy with work. so, yes, he was there when i went through my toughest moment but most of the time, he's burried in work. :/

he was the GREATEST listener ever. i could go on forever about everything i wanted to tell him. and he'd share everything to me. but eversince he got terminated, he totally vanished out of my life. the last i heard from him was he's getting enlisted for ns in march, got a girlfr and told me to text him whenever we wanted to meet up. i miss asraf, badly.

- junaidi
always busy with ns, getting into trouble and god knows whatever else.

- selamat
he's always there. but he has problems of his own too. but i don't wanna be an extra burden.

well. i definitely am always listening to people. heck. i think i'm born in this world to listen to people's life, how they feel, what should they do, etc, etc.

but who will listen to me?

oh. and listen doesn't mean listen. it means, me telling you my deepest darkest secret ever and you, knowing it all will be able to keep your mouth shut, not to look down on it, not to feel and disgust in your heart and never ever have the feeling of shame that you're my friend.

oh fcuk. maybe i'm just being emo. GOD LISTENS. HE DOES. well, at least, his presence comforts me every night i go to sleep, crying. (:

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