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Monday, January 28, 2008
after what happened yesterday, don't blame me if i turn ruthless. well, they always say, what goes around, comes around. true enough, it all happen within one night..

initially, it all didn't have to with me. i was working yesterday and right from opening, something was going on. it was only between S, R, A and Su, but soon enough, W and myself got roped in too(well, sort of). S told me what was happening between A and R. i was taken aback. somehow, A let his father get involved in the matter. and things started to go haywire.

at night, A, Su and A's dad came down to our workplace to meet up with R ans S. S told her ex-husband to come down just in case anything happens. i was with them initially, cause we just knock off from work and wanted to go home together. well, things got worse. while S and her ex husband was talking to A's dad, A told R he wanted to talk in private outside. R just followed along. i felt it was only right if i kept an eye on them cause my instict says that something was gonna happen. indeed it was correct. from behind A and R, 3 guys followed suit. i immediately knew something serious was gonna happen. i told the rest that was left. they agreed to stay on with me to find out what will happen next.

the few of us went to the open space to smoke. A's dad left soon after but he gave a warning to S. we knew something would happen. the 3 guys that followed from behind soon walked away. we were worried sick about R when he did not pick up our phonecalls. he then appeared, looking down. though it's dark, i could see that his face was disfigured. we went back inside and i demanded him to sit down. i cried when i saw his face. he's face was swollen. there were bumps everywhere. his shirt was covered with blood, he's right ear were all swollen. i could see dried blood inside. his eyes were covered in blood. yes, blood. his mouth was bleeding. i gave him tissue and water. then, his mum called. i panicked. we ignored the call. he said he can't see. Z, R and i went out to search for his glasses. Z found blood on the floor instead. we kept on searching but to no avail. when we came back, most of them left as they didn't want to get involved and wanted to catch the last train home. so S, her ex husband, Z and myself stayed on with rafi. S took photos of rafi and keep it for future use. S immediately called the police for them to come down. i told her to request for paramedics also cause ambulance wasn't necessary. initially, only 2 police officers came down to take down our statement, R's particulars and A's particulars(yeah, we know A's particulars). then, 4 police officers came down, together with CISCO and paramedics. the paramedics brought R down to SGH. i held on to R's bag and his shirt. he took his phone along with him. we went down to SGH to check out R's condition.

as soon as we reached the hospital, the nurse was checking on him. he was then brought out and the nurse told us that the doctor will then see him for further observations. S immediately called our mgr, F. she was so stressed, she couldn't stop smoking. she couldn't believe what happened. finally, it reached a point where someone has to inform the family and it was unfortunately me. his mum panicked and got angry. she said she'll tell the older sis and the dad. the older sis then called me up and asked where we were. about 10 mins later, they reached. i was so relieved. we explained everything that had happened.

i can't go on anymore... it's making me cry....... it breaks my heart typing it... i'm sorry... i'll write more soon...

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