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Friday, January 18, 2008
finally, i get to blog! XD


my resolution of getting new glasses is achieved!


ok. attachment was boring cause i was all alone today. sherm and khai was away. ): WuJian was kind of discriminating me during lunch so i walked off and never looked back. selfish asshole.

i'm missing toys r us badly. i can't wait for sunday! ):

cousin's getting engaged tomorrow. cheerios!

jun's taking up diploma in law this coming feb and he'll later, upon graduation pursue a degree in it. KUDOS JUN! (:

i miss sec school. how i wished we could turn back time..

i kind of miss sc. no, wait. yeah. i miss sc. cause, all this while, i know deep inside me, something somewhere will go wrong with the new batch. just the other day, shidah complained that only 3 from our comm turned up for gm. damn i was dissapointed. no matter how bad the situation was, i made sure that chairman, exco and at least 5 members would be present. and the one that shidah complained about, both chairman and exco wasn't around. i was really really dissapointed. but nabil told me, our time has come to an end. we can't do anything anymore. we jsut have to be assured that they will pull it through, given more time. and now, i'm clinging on dearly to his words. ):

i miss my chairman, saifullah. yeah. his number is kind of stuck to my head. we went through a lot of thick and thin together. he was the one that made what CCA is today and i'll never ever forget what he has done. kudos sai. (:

oh. i miss my train rides home with my nurses, Azhar and Suhaimi. ):

another day of attachment awaits tomorrow. oh well.

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