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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
well, 1st of march will be the day i finally get to watch a movie after SO LONG! heh. am still wondering what to watch. either "meet the spartans", "the leap years", "away from her", "persopolis" or "charlie wilson's war". WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE?!

i can't wait to meet: WONDERWOMAN, CATWOMAN, BATMAN, JASMINE CHYE, AIZAN, RAFIQA, ASHRAF, SIEW HWEE and hopefully many more! :D camwhoring session shall begin. ;)

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to wonderwoman: hey girlfie. i hope you'll not regret choosing ite as your education chioce if you get into it. you study hard yeah? never look back on the decisions you made. no worries about sec 5 cause we learn from mistakes. for the meantime, just hang on and stay strong. if you get ite, we can always meet after school! (: heh. if you don't get into ite, navy? well. if it's your interest, then i wish you best of luck! i'll always supprt you throughout the whole journey! (:

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