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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
ok. on my way home today, there were this 2 girls. so VAIN! =.=

second of all, there was this couple. they kept hugging and kissing and caressing each other. fuck lar. i know you're madly in love with each other but for goodness sake, you're in the train and there are kids around! what are the adults teaching the kids nowadays? tsk.

msn's driving me nuts. my internet connection's driving me nuts too. dammit.

i can't wait for 1st!

chilli just signed up for fitness training course today. hope she can make it. *prays hard.

jasmine just had a photo shoot the other day. man. she looks HOT! heh.

today, shaizah told me something that i never knew would happen. tsk.

batman's not replying to my sms-es. his sms just went over the limit-BOOM.

i can't wait for attachment to end. 2 more weeks baby! (=

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