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Friday, February 22, 2008
hmm. over this past few days, i've definitely dig out some juicy secrets. *winks. been hanging out alot with tru staffs. heh. imy chilli! :D

as i walked home today, there was this couple at the void deck. their position was just.. erm.. discreet. why? well, the guys's sitting at the bench and the girl, well, she was kneeling down, head, someplace, ok. let's not go there. i mean, yeah, i know, that's their god damn business what they wanna do, but for goodness sake, you're just next to the playground full of kids. what are these teenagers teaching the kids nowadays? tsk.

well, the government's "love-letter" came to my mailbox the other day and there goes my 20 bucks. *sigh.

went back to school today. hand in both the qc assignments. woohoo! over and done with that! now what's left is presentation and logbook. ^^ catch up with all the classmates. (: been a month since we saw each other. heh. SCHOOL FOOD! damn, i just love school food. (: met up with a few sc peeps and bumped into ashidah and azhar! :D i miss them so. unfortunately, didn't get to meet mr andrew. i misplaced my NYAA silver logbook and mr andrew wasn't around. so.. burned.

will be having a so-called tru outing this saturday. heh. chilli, shaizah, jasmine, nazrul, aizan are a few names that will turn up. i can't wait! chilli and i have planned that we'll all buy the same watch and take neoprints together. heh. XD

to all my dearest 3e10 and 4e10-nians, when are we gonna have a gathering? been ages since we met each other. hope to meet up soon! ^^

batman declared that he's my part-time prankster. kids. always like to prank me in the wee hours of the morning. he's just adding on to the fact that i already have my own full-time prankster. tsk.

this morning, as i was sorting out my shelf, i stumbled upon the name "osman". throughout 4 years, he was always there to make me go crazy all day. i was temperamental back then. i always vent my anger on him but he was patient with me. today, he's no longer my friend. i always wondered why things turned out his way. well, he told me never regret even though he initiated the friendship halt. yes, to this very day, i don't regret, but i just never quite figure out why things had to be this way. haven't saw him around for about a year. friends say he's just being immature about the whole issue but i don't know, maybe partly it's my fault? i really don't know...

been a long time since i last talked to mr asc. i wonder how life has been for him. hope he's doing fine now. (: yeah, i miss you.

eversince my comp broke down and my old ipod was replaced with a new one due to mechanism problem, life's been such a BORE. my ipod's kinda plain and there are not many programmes with daddy's comp. damn. my computer took away a night of my life when it broke down. ):

3 more weeks to end of attachment and time will be dedicated to working at tru! haha. i can't wait for the phillipines trip in may. (hope by then the leaves will go smoothly) so excited to meet up with mark, jon, sherwin and glenn! XD

so chilli, is this enough for your update? haha!

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